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Build better software, faster — at lower costs with proven, best-practice test processes, tools, and frameworks. Exist offers a full spectrum of software testing services to reduce cost and achieve faster time-to-market.

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mamaCloud is a global technology innovator with over two decades of experience providing enterprise solutions through consultancy and cutting-edge products and services.

Web3 Technology

Blockchain is a technology that virtually tracks and trades anything of value, cutting cost and reducing risk for businesses. Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that simplifies the process of recording transactions and tracking tangible or intangible assets in a business network. Let us help you! Unleash the value and potential of blockchain technology to transform your industry with decentralized applications and establish solid infrastructure growth prospects. Our extensive network of partners and experts across industries and cultures will facilitate the selection of appropriate use cases bringing to tangible business outcomes. From logistics to healthcare smart contacts, we’ve developed industry frameworks to help companies adopt decentralization in their business processes.

Gaming Innovations Development

We develop professional real-money gaming projects for various platforms, serving new and existing gaming operators who wish to have full control over their online gaming brand. We offer our clients the best possible opportunity to deliver custom-built solutions with a focus on our partnership model, understanding that this is the key to both our and our client’s growth and success. We do casino game app development and offer unique product solutions that are both entertaining and visually stunning. We offer solutions for online casinos and sports betting, along with a wide range of managed services and media solutions catering for online clients with our powerful and innovative technology and turnkey solutions We also offer management of users and wallets, back-office customization with advanced management tools, detailed financial statistics and various payment option integration.

E-Commerce Solution

Managing every aspect of your online sales can be demanding. Businesses constantly need to drive traffic, manage customer experience, optimize conversions, to generate content that engages, and so on. We understand how global market dynamics are increasing the need for online set-ups. Running a physical business alone is not enough. Let us offer custom solutions to help you sell online and increase conversions, with our comprehensive eCommerce solution that takes care of all your B2B and B2C business needs.

Payment Solutions

By aggregating international and local payment providers, card schemes, financial institutions and more onto our platform, Let us help you! Unlock the value of alternative payment method, explore the ideal ways to pay across markets, and make payments seamlessly.

Cloud Services

Wish there was a simple step you could take to become more competitive? By migrating to the cloud, everyone gains access to various technologies. It also enables enterprises to react more quickly than larger, more established competitors. all while keeping lean and agile. Our Cloud services are ideal for enterprises with fluctuating or growing bandwidth demands. If your demand increases, you may seamlessly scale up your cloud capacity by utilizing the service’s remote servers. This level of agility can provide enterprises using cloud computing with a significant advantage over competitors.

Software Development

Unlock your full potential and capabilities with our custom project-based development services, tailored fit solutions, and consulting services. Quality control for businesses of all sizes and forms. Exist can assist you with custom software development services, new product creation, and application re-architecting and re-development to create value and a lasting competitive edge.


With the urge for continuous integration and real-time innovation, businesses are turning to DevOps to save costs, enhance productivity, and speed up the time to market. However, many people find it difficult to adapt to a new process, culture, and mindset. Leveraging on our enterprise-scale delivery experience, proven methodology, and expertise in open source technologies, Exist’s DevOps services help organizations break down silos, streamline and automate the delivery process and drive business agility.

Mobile App Development

We will help you create custom mobile app development for consumer and enterprise environments on various platforms such as iOS and Android.d promote business growth and expansion. Consolidate various technological products and applications, including legacy systems, to drastically reduce IT complexity while increasing business ROI.

Application Modernization

With the increasing demand for constant modernization, technology’s biggest nemesis is becoming obsolete. Modernizing your digital environment is no longer a luxury but rather a must for corporate sustainability. The path to digital transformation does not come to a stop at one point. Develop your apps with Exist’s Application modernization services, implement DevOps or continuous improvement/continuous delivery, integrate fast data, and more, depending on the business needs discovered during the consultancy process.

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